Sexy Nurse Getting Punished For Being Naughty

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  • Video Length: 02:00
  • Point of View: Voyeur
  • Field of View: 180
  • Frames per Second: 60
  • Published Date: 08/13/2019
You’ve been hospitalized with your jaw shut for two goddamned weeks now. Bad luck Brian, your two nurses Ana and Dresden totally took advantage of your condition and played with you non-stop. Today, you can finally speak and you've told the head nurse how unprofessional and disrespectful those two bitch nurses were to you. Head nurse Daisy is furious. She’s taking the matter in her own hands. She’s about to punish Ana and Dresden the most painful ways. So grab your VR headset, sit tight and go enjoy that sweet revenge better eaten cold.
Coming from legendary BDSM giant, kink.com. KinkVR is the first VR studio exclusively dedicated to domination and bondage. Those who enjoy Kink’s productions will no doubt love this foray into virtual reality. It’s hard to compare KinkVR to any other studio, because what they do is so specific to the niche that made them a global porn brand. Other VR companies don’t offer the content that KinkVR does. And even though KinkVR hasn’t released many videos, the best part is it’s free! They also have their very own Kink virtual reality cardboard viewer, but since these virtual reality scenes won’t cost you a cent, you do have to pay for the goggles.
Categories: 180, Bondage, Ebony, Lesbian

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