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Step Sister Have A Special Gift For Your Graduation

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  • Video Length: 02:00
  • Point of View: Male
  • Field of View: 180
  • Frames per Second: 60
  • Published Date: 09/30/2019
When your dad got married you couldn't understand why all of your friends thought you were so lucky. You saw her as your new stepsister, but they saw what took you years to figure out. Your older stepsister was an absolute hottie! She also knew that your friends loved hanging out at the house hoping to get a glimpse of her in her bikini or bent over in tight shorts. Eventually, you caught on and saw what your friends saw. By then it was time for college and you didn't see much her for a few years. She was hot as ever though and on your graduation day she was looking especially bangable. As luck would have it, she has something special planned for your graduation day. She knows that you have never had a girlfriend and are still a virgin. She wants to give you a very special present and teach you how to make love to a woman. In a pair of tight shorts and a tank top that shows off her big tits, she makes her move and you are more than happy to take her up on her generous offer to show you the sexual ropes. She takes you cock out of your pants and is pleasantly surprised by how big and hard you are for her already. Her mouth feels amazing and you don't even care that she is big sister. Teasing you a bit, she slows down and slips your dick between her big tits. It's a tight fit, but not nearly as tight as her incredible pussy. Spreading her cheeks, she sits on your cock, letting you feel a woman for the first time. You know how jealous your friends would be if they knew you were finally banging big sister. Her pussy gets wetter with each stroke and she tells you to pull out and cum on her face. It's just too good though and you can't stop, spilling a huge load inside of her pussy. That wasn't part of her plan, but it is a graduation present you will never forget.
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